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I'm the Dreamer

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Dreams have been used for thousands of years as divine predictions of the future, good or ill, to heal illness and bring spiritual insight.  Dreams are your hidden messages sent through your subconscious mind or from Spirit.  They contain the answers that you need to heal yourself or to guide you in making major decisions.  And yes, sometimes a dream is just a dream and you need to recognize that.

Sometimes you are so caught up in . . . well, whatever you are caught up in, and need a neutral party to assist you.

I have been gifted with the ability to have a dream for others and to be able to interpret that dream.  I have done this for friends most notably since 2004.  I had my own dream January 25, 2010 and was guided to offer my gift of dreams to others on my website, so here it is.

I do not interpret your dreams nor do I have a dictionary for you to interpret your dreams.

Here is an example of what happens:

Jane Doe says, "I need you to have a dream for me."  I think and say, "I need a dream for Jane Doe" throughout the day and before bed.  I do this everyday until I have the dream.  It doesn't come on demand and sometimes it just doesn't come at all.  When I do have the dream I write it all down.  I analyze it.  I tell Jane Doe the details of the dream and my interpretation/commentary of it.

Do not put expectations of what to receive.

So, what do you do to request a dream?

Send an email to that has 'I'm the Dreamer' in the subject line.  In the body of the email I need your first and last name and the state where you live. **Nothing more.


*  I will reply letting you know that I have received your email.  If I don't reply - then I didn't get it.

*  If I don't have a dream for you at the end of 2 weeks I will reply to you saying so.


After I have the information I will email you requesting that you submit payment of $25 (see below to purchase) prior to you receiving the details of the dream and my interpretation/commentary of it.  When your payment has been received I will forward the details of the dream and my interpretation/commentary via email.


Submitting a dream request and receiving a dream interpretation/commentary from me is intended to facilitate personal growth and for the sake of insight and does not take the place of professional counseling. If you are currently experiencing a crisis, consult with your helping professional before submitting a dream request to determine the best course of action. Likewise, if the dream interpretation/commentary raises issues that you would find difficult working with on your own, consult a mental health professional.

Herb Fancy does not share any of your information.

Paragraph six is Barbara’s testimonial. (She’s the one who told me to share this example and to say that she’s “a grateful true believer” in my ability to receive and interpret dreams for others.) – Barbara from Virginia

[Thank you for the opportunity to go deeper into the unconscious through your dreaming. The dream reflected my present moment. Flush the past, renewal. I am continuing to lighten my shadow and becoming closer to God in the process. It is a beautiful experience. I appreciate your intuitive openness to what spirit is telling you. Thank you for your service.] – NE from Virginia

[The dream and interpretation/commentary has served as an affirmation – both touched on areas that I have been consciously working on and I have been seeing and feeling the positive results. It also opened my consciousness down to the nitty-gritty of how I view myself today and compared it with each year for the past five years. Quite powerful as a tool for searching one’s inner most self.

I truly Thank You for using this gift in such a positive way which is certainly of benefit for those that will choose to avail themselves. This is also a testimony to you for listening to the messages from Spirit. God’s gifts to us are such blessings.] From SE of Virginia.

I don’t have control over the cost listing below as this is a program issue. Please see paragraph 8 for donation details.



Wow!  When I heard about the idea of dreaming for someone else I have to admit I was skeptical, but when I heard about “my” dream and Lou’s interpretation, I was blown away at how it hit the mark.  Without knowing details about my life, Lou saw exactly where I was, what I had been thinking and feeling, and gave insightful guidance about how I should proceed.  The symbolism of the dream highlighted an aspect of the issue I hadn’t been aware of before.  If you’re looking for answers, ask Lou to “dream a little dream” for you!

– T. D., Fredericksburg, VA

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