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    Carnelian is used to ward off envy, fear, rage and psychic attacks. Inspires bravery and courage. Cleans negativity from other stones. Balances the left/right brain along with male/female energies. Is usful in work on the root, sacral, solar and heart chakras.
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    Empowering Bottle - Strengthen Spirituality

    Our Empowering Bottles are hand designed for a specific purpose and beautifully color coordinated. A magickal blend is created using only the highest quality organic herbs, flowers & gemstones that are chosen for the bottles empowering intent. Once your Empowering Bottle has arrived, simply hold the bottle in your hands,...
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    Zodiac Sachets

    Zodiac Sachets are made with specific herbs and crystals with the magickal and metaphysical properties of each zodiac sign in color appropriate cloth and tied with coordinating ribbon. Carry or wear your zodiac specific sachet to bring out the positive aspects of your sign in you.
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