Change your mind with the power of positive thinking.
Change your mental attitude with positive thoughts, visual images, and words that can improve your life.

Keep God in your life. Be it spiritual or religious.
Or both. Find what works for you. Make a decision.

This is a holistic approach to healing.

My favorite saying is, “Inside, Outside, Upside down.”
Your choices are made inside (your mind), that show on the outside (your actions). Turn your life upside down. Turn the tides of negativity to positivity.

A path taken that you feel is wrong, a chance to correct it or take a better path will present itself. With God, all things are possible.

From experience I know this works for me.

How do I do it?
I start when I wake up. I have a choice to be in a good mood or a bad mood. If something happens that I am cranky when I awake, I take a few deep breaths and lay back down, close my eyes, relax for just a few minutes, tell myself I am starting over that I am waking up feeling good and this day will be the best day of my life.

I choose not to be miserable. Who wants to be around someone that looks, acts and feels that way? Everything you do is a choice.

Smile! Smiling on the outside can bring a smile to the inside. A smile makes you feel good inside and look good outside. A smile is a frown upside down or the downside up.

Don’t feel like smiling? Think of a happy moment. Visualize it as it happened just a moment ago. Say what happened out loud.

Write down the postive things in your life. What are you grateful for?


live my life honerably
earn my living honestly
manifest my dreams
have parents
have a child
have friends
have aunts and uncles and cousins
have a job
have my own business
have transportation
have a roof over my head
have clothes on my back
have food on my table
have a bed to sleep on
have a pillow for my head
have a sense of humor
wake up without an alarm clock
respect others
expect respect
save my money
voice my opinions
think outloud
reason things out
take responsibility for my actions
love abundance and abundance loves me

... I AM
a daughter
a mother
a friend
a coworker
a mother-in-law-to-be
a neice
a cousin
a student
a teacher
a believer
strong in spirit
in love
at peace
a guide
a positive thinker

Now write your own list of what you have in your life.
Write what you are grateful for. Write what is positive in your life.

Now write down what you want positive in your life as if you are living it right now.

Don’t stop taking your medicines! This is not a substitute. See your physician like your supposed to!

Your health not the greatest? Write something like this… I am healthy and I feel great. My __ is of normal levels. Say it out loud. Believe it. See (visualize) yourself healthy.

Don’t stop taking your medicines! This is not a substitute. See your physician like your supposed to!

Don’t like your job? Write something like this…
I have a great job. I love my job. Say this out loud.
Actively look for another job if need be or after some time you’ll find that your job really is great.

Post it in a place where you see it and say it often throughout the day. The positive will manifest. An opportunity will present itself. The choice is taking advantage of it when it shows up.

When the front door closes God opens a window in the next room. You get the idea.

This is from my heart. This is my opinion.
Take what you like. Leave the rest. Life is nothing but choices. Make A Decision To Think Positive And The Positive Will Manifest.

God Bless.