It is the positive intent behind the healing and the task must spark the spirit and touch the soul.

Most of the meanings are adapted from ‘Love is in the Earth’ by Melody. The descriptions are for your general information and do not take the place of qualified medical advice.

Listed on this page are the following:
Hawk Eye Hematite Herderite Herkimer Diamond Howlite Iolite Infinite Iron Ivory Jade Jasper

Hawk Eye

– Crocidolite, (blue asbestos,) alters to quartz while retaining its fibrous structure. Frequently stained by iron gives its golden brown color. We know this material as tigers eye. Unstained pieces, retaining their original blue color, are called Hawk Eye. There are also pieces with both colors.


– helps with mental and manual dexterity and provides a calming atmosphere. It balances yin/yang energies and meridians within the body. It assists in the focusing of energy and emotions for balace between the body, mind and spirit. It transmutes negativity to positivity. Smooth grounding and emotional clarity. Good for treating and closing the root chakra.


– Herderite can be used for treatment of imbalance in behavior patterns and to stimulate psychic abilities. It stimulates directness and passion, allowing one to recognize both the needs of the moment and the impact of the potential future consequences.

Herkimer Diamond

– assists one in clearing the body-mind system of unconscious fears and repressions, allowing for total relaxation and expansions of the life energy. It stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and can assist one in prescience and in telepathinc communication.


– used to calm communication, facilitate awareness, and to encourage emotional expression. It discourages impertinent behavior and encourages subtlety and tact.


– it balances the male/female aspects of ones character, bringing harmony to within the self and eliminating dissonance and disruption in relationships. Enables one to enjoy each moment and to awaken to the inner knowledge, which is so patently awaiting access.


– is a combination of Serpentine and Chrysotile, which has never been seen before, found by Steven Rosley in 1996 in South Africa.
Infinite became its neame because this stone seems to have limitless beneficial properties. It is a stone of gentle, loving, angelic energy that draws out anything negative we manifest in our bodies, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Infinite is the healer’s stone. It can Repattern the auric field, increases the potency of reiki and other energetic healing methods, activates kundalini energy and provides a nurturing energy from the Base Chakra to the Heart. Infinite is a Master Stone.


– can bring mental and emotional balance. It augments the qualities of diplomacy.


– fossilized ivory, the ancient ivory used by the natives of Africa and other countries, and vegetable ivory (e.g.,tagua nuts form souther palm trees). Ivory represents purity and promotes vitality directed towards rightness in purpose and direction. It assists in expelling restlessness, anxiety, moodiness, and derision, while stimulating initiative, dignity and serenity.


– is known as a ‘dream stone’ and as a “stone of fidelity”. Aids in remembering your dreams and in “dream-solving” by placing a piece of jade under your pillow prior to going to sleep.


– Jasper is an opaque, solid or patterned variety of cryptocrystalline quartz which consists of very tiny quartz crystals colored by various mineral impurities. The names of various jaspers can come from their color (red, green), pattern (orbicular, leopardskin, picture) from a place name (Morrisonite, Mookite).

Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones mentioned in the Bible. It is a powerful protection gemstone. It eases emotional stresses and aids in balancing the energy in the body.

Deschutes is one of the most sought after of the picture jaspers due to the colors and patterns it offers.