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Empowering Bottle - Home Protection

$ 10.00 - $ 14.00

Our Empowering Bottles are hand designed for a specific purpose and beautifully color coordinated. A magickal blend is created using only the highest quality organic herbs, flowers barks & gemstones that are chosen for the bottles empowering intent.

Once your Empowering Bottle has arrived, simply hold the bottle in your hands, speak and visualize with clear intention your desire. Feel the energy move from your hands into your Empowering Bottle. A suggested saying comes with each Empowering Bottle. You may use this or one of your choice. Once this is completed, place your sacred Empowering Bottle in your desired location.

Bottle size, shape and color may vary upon availability.

Home Protection Empowering Bottle helps to protect your home from negativity, and unwanted energies.

1300-05 tall, 1300-06 short, 1300-07 triangle, 1300-08 square.

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