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Amethyst is a variety of quartz crystal that ranges in color from a deep purple to a pale lavender. It has been in use for thousands of years in magic, healing and psychic empowerment. It is referred to as a Spiritual Stone because its lavender color is the same as the crown chakra. Meditation with it helps one in reaching the spiritual aspect of the universe.

Amethyst calms emotions and reduces stress. It is used to increase psychic awareness. It is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. It symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst is used for problems in the blood, in breathing problems, helps overcome fears and cravings. It also helps relieve headaches, sugar imbalances and general edginess. Purify and transmute negativity. Reduce anger, impatience, and nightmares. Spiritually uplifting. Opens and activates crown chakra.

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